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The Digital Age: A Hackers delight

Online storage is a huge leap forward in technology, allowing files to be accessed from anywhere without the need to send them via email. Files can be shared in a much simpler fashion and can be locked to ensure that any changes made are present in a single file as opposed to numerous versions of the file. This online system serves as a backup for companies and customers. A network of banking telecommunications (SWIFT) has been the target of numerous hacking and data leaks over recent years, serving to reduce the customer loyalty; many banks and retailers attempt to keep the hacks quiet so as to not threaten their brand reputation. Hacking is a growing threat given the significant shift to the digital age in recent years.

The so called cloud protection seems to suggest that files are inaccessible to other users unless they provide a user’s password and security details. However an over-reliance on these types of systems serves to threaten users and the security of the data. This highly illegal practice has led to famous events such as ‘the Fappening’ and the Dropbox leak back in 2012. The conclusion from these events to customers is to not reuse passwords. Companies and schools should be teaching about digital security as the next generation is to be surrounded within the digital world.

So called ethical hackers exist to help companies check its security systems and can help hackers show their skills in a non-malicious manner.