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How We Help

Our unique data-driven, human-led, and technology-powered approach creates the trusted, actionable, and forward-looking intelligence librarians, academics, and students need in a professional class business information resource.
We provide easy access to:
  • 360 degree perspective of companies, industries, countries, and cities
  • Real-time news, analyst opinion, and financial deals
  • Powerful analytics



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Foster Academic Excellence & Commercialise Intellectual Property

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Tailored to your role, our Intelligence Center is designed to help you:

Enrich Academic Research & Analysis


  • Help students enhance their academic research with access to trusted, timely, and comprehensive data and insight on socio and macro-economics, industry dynamics, and company performance and activities.

Profit from Technology Transfers


  • Our comprehensive market data and industry insights allow you to reliably identify and prioritize emerging commercial opportunities, value your intellectual property, and profit from the right licensing partners and deal structures.


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Stay Ahead of the Pack


  • Get ahead and prepare for future market-moving events with our Events database and real-time access to comprehensive daily news and trusted insight from our journalists and expert analysts.


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Global Coverage


  • MarketLine provides truly global coverage of all major companies, industries, countries and cities. With such comprehensive and broad coverage, subscribing to MarketLine removes the need to subscribe to multiple information platforms


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  • MarketLine is available on or off campus via simple IP based authentication, be it on laptop, tablet or mobile, and is compatible with leading federated identity and search solutions.


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  • MarketLine’s global coverage of all major companies, industries, countries and cities ensures it can service a wide range of cross curricular research needs. Librarians can quickly answer business related queries from a single resource. Academics use MarketLine for teaching materials, research projects, and marketing of their departments and courses to prospective students or partners.


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  • MarketLine is a trusted source relied upon by blue chip companies globally. By using MarketLine students will gain experience on the same first class business information resource, enhancing their research skills and employment prospects.