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The Digital Age: A Hackers delight


Online storage is a huge leap forward in technology, allowing files to be accessed from anywhere without the need to send them via email. Files can be shared in a much simpler fashion and can be locked to ensure that any changes made are present in a single file as opposed to numerous versions of the file. This online system serves as a backup for companies and customers. A network of banking telecommunications (SWIFT) has been the target of numerous hacking and data leaks over recent years, serving to reduce… Read more

Samsung S8 follows the Note 7: A smarter choice


The mobile phone market is extremely competitive and in order to retain customers, companies need to provide them with the best products and also a good level of security and customer service. Samsung is attempting to recoup its losses from the Note 7 from 2016 after it was recalled and ceased manufacturing with its latest release the Samsung Galaxy S8. The fear for Samsung is that it will not only be facing competition from the market but also from its customers whose trust has been put to the test in… Read more

Educational Applications: The price of learning


The educational applications business is a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing yearly. Education is seen as a necessary part of life and has provided society with new ideas and has assisted in growth. The increased reach of internet and the technological boom has opened education back into the home to help make parents feel more included. This has reduced the strain on teachers and has helped teach children in the digital environment, along with traditional education, which will help accustom them growing digital trends. Increased hand-eye coordination and better… Read more

VR: Virtual insanity is what we’re living in


In June 2012, Oculus VR, LLC was founded. Based in California, US, it was formed as a virtual reality technology company, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund development of their proposed virtual reality headset device. The company announced that backers who pledged $300 or more would be “rewarded” with the first development release of the headset, which was shipped to them in March 2013 (although the original date was December 2012). The intended amount Oculus wanted to raise was $250,000, but ended up raising over $2.4 million. Thus began… Read more

Is time running out for Sony?


  “We must be like the Russians defending Moscow against Napoleon, ready to scorch the earth to stay ahead of the invaders. We must be Sony United and fight like the Sony warriors we are.” Exactly nine years ago to the month, Sir Howard Stringer then Sony’s first foreign CEO roused his comrades with these words, as he aimed to revive the fortunes of the Japanese electronics giant. Nine years on and with the General now departed to pastures new, Sony fights on like a war weary battalion trying desperately… Read more

America and Europe remain the largest control systems markets but Asia-Pacific is growing at the fastest rate


Control systems, including programmable logistic controllers (PLC) and distributed control systems (DCS) are widely applicable and once installed, contribute towards better energy efficiency, increased productivity and safety. They can help companies achieve a competitive edge in a global scale. Currently, America and Europe are the largest markets for industrial control and factory automation; however, the emerging economies, mainly in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, are growing at the fastest rate. These markets are expected to generate the largest revenue stream in the nearest future, as they pursue expansion and improvement… Read more

Farnell acquires CAD company


Premier Farnell (Farnell) is a leading distributor of electrical and electronic components. In 2009, it acquired CadSoft Computer, a publisher of computer-aided design (CAD) software for the design of printed circuit boards (PCBs). While sales of CadSoft products will in themselves contribute only a small amount to Farnell’s revenues, the acquisition shows how Farnell and its rivals are competing on service as well as price. Farnell is a leading high service technology distribution company. This means that it offers customers a wide range of electronic parts, with rapid order turnaround… Read more The Rapid Rise of the Internet Retailer

MarketLine, is a Jersey-based, privately owned online retailer. Its main product lines include DVDs, CDs, books, gadgets, video games, DRM-free MP3 downloads, and other electronic products, as well as clothes and accessories. Amongst the largest e-commerce retailers, was the one recording the most rapid growth, since its establishment in1988. Starting with a focus on selling CDs and DVDs mainly to young, tech-savvy men, the company quickly evolved into one of Europe’s most successful e-commerce retailers. Since the acquisition in second half of 2011, is a part of Rakuten… Read more

ARM Exploiting IP in a Growing End-Market


ARM Ltd is a designer of low-power microprocessors, which generates revenue by licensing its intellectual property to semiconductor manufacturers. It has enjoyed ten years of unbroken profitability, more than quadrupling its revenues during the same period. This case study shows how providing a solution to a technological problem, and consistently executing a simple but effective business model, has brought the company success. The ARM business model is based on intellectual property. The company designs the core architecture of the digital processors that form the heart of many contemporary electronic products…. Read more

Texas Instruments Case Study: National Semiconductor is TI’s Latest Strategic Acquisition


In September 2011, Texas Instruments (TI) acquired National Semiconductor (NatSemi), a leading manufacturer of analog semiconductors. The deal significantly increases TI’s share of the buoyant and highly profitable analog market. It is also the latest in a series of acquisitions and divestments that over the course of more than a decade have helped transform TI from a diversified technology company into one highly focused on semiconductor manufacturing. TI has been using acquisitions and divestments to focus on its core competence of semiconductor device manufacturing. In 2011, TI acquired NatSemi, a… Read more