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MarketLine individual reports & profiles are an ideal source for building your knowledge of all major companies, industries and countries across the world in the form of our SWOT profiles, industry profiles, industry guides, company focused case studies and PESTLE country profiles.

Many of our reports & profiles can be purchased from our online store, however as a MarketLine Advantage subscriber you get unlimited access to our entire product portfolio which includes access to 30,000+ company profiles, 4,000 industry profiles spanning 215+ countries worldwide. As a subscriber to Advantage you will also have access to exclusive subscriber content.

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Company information

Company SWOTs

Uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the biggest global companies.

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Case Studies

Learn and apply key business lessons through our analysis of the latest innovative company strategies.

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Other company information

As a MarketLine Advantage subscriber, you get exclusive access to additional company information.

Industry information

Industry Analysis Profiles

Form a clear picture of individual market sectors with our Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, including who is operating within them and how they are performing.

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Industry Guides

Assess business opportunities beyond national borders with insight into regional industries.

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Country & Industry Profiles

Get a complete overview of sectors and their geographic context in a single convenient summary.

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Country information

Country Analysis Profiles

Analyse the business landscape in 110 countries with our PESTLE analysis into the strengths, challenges and prospects.

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Country & Industry Profiles

Get a complete overview of sectors and their geographic context in a single convenient summary.

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Country Statistics Database

Country Statistics identifies and contextualizes key country and market trends – both historically and into the future. Scan and compare over half a million data points for 215 countries and 46 political and geographic groupings. As a MarketLine Advantage subscriber, you get exclusive access to our Country Statistics Database.

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Your Academic Advantage

Prepare your students for a world beyond university by providing them with access to the same professional tools as used by large MNCs and top FTSE companies.

Advantage is our interactive platform that gives your students anytime access to a unique mix of company, industry, country and financial data for every major marketplace in the world. 

Note to students: MarketLine is not available to individual students, but your academic library may already have a subscription. Please check with the library staff at your school, college, or university. 

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