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MarketLine offers a comprehensive suite of company, industry and country-focused databases. Do you need to research M&A activity, build your knowledge of prospective clients, learn which investment houses operate in your vertical, or have macroeconomic indicators at your fingertips? MarketLine is an information source you can trust.

The simple user interface and search functions of our databases take you straight to the key facts at the click of a mouse. And with their custom report-building and export options, you will be creating presentations that get your message across with clarity. MarketLine databases provide a solid foundation of information on which you can build your own analysis, and take your own decisions.

The various databases included as part of your subscription are:

Company Financial Analysis Tools featuring

– Financial Deals Tracker
– Company Report Generator
– Company Prospector
– Investment & Advisory Prospector

Country Statistics

Market Data Analytics * (for Academic clients only)

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This is an interactive suite of four analysis tools covering over 400,000 companies  and their financial activity. All Advantage users will be able to analyse companies, industries and geographies to gain insights into prospects, markets and competitors. With these tools, you will be able to evaluate potential markets for investment, track real-time market developments and custom build your own list of prospects in industries & geographies of your choosing.

Using these tools, you will be able to evaluate potential markets for investment, track real-time market developments and custom build your own list of prospects in industries & geographies of your choosing.

With Advantage, you will have access to four interactive tools:

Financial Deals Tracker
A real time database of global information on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity, venture finance, and private placement transactions, IPOs, and partnerships across various industries. Users can track real time market developments and build insightful reports.

Company Report Generator
An analytical tool that enables users to generate comprehensive “all-in-one” company reports featuring analytical text and charts on-demand. Users can select datasets including company overview, history, SWOT analysis, M&A, partnerships and agreements, news and product information.

Company Prospector
A list builder tool which enables clients to generate lists of potential business partners, clients, and investment targets in industries/countries of interest. It enables users to perform competitor & vendor analytics on targeted industry and geography.

Investment & Advisory Prospector
An analytical interactive tool that enables users to custom-generate lists of advisory & investment firms operating in specific industries. It is useful for building investment/acquisition case studies and to understand the investment and inorganic strategy of companies.


As a MarketLine Advantage subscriber, you get exclusive access to our Country Statistics Database, which identifies and contextualizes key country and market trends – both historically and into the future.

Country Statistics is a database of around 750 macroeconomic, demographic, and industry specific indicators, with a geographical scope of 214 countries, and for a period of 1990-2017. The data is sourced and validated from multiple credible and recognized sources, and forecasts are built through robust econometric modeling process. The user-friendly database offers insightful analytical options, along with graphical and tabular representation.

The database aims to offer a one-stop tool that allows users to identify and contextualize key country and market trends – both historically and into the future. It aims to build an understanding of economies across the world by helping companies make informed decisions pertaining to market entry strategy, investments and growth, feasibility and mapping opportunities.



It is an interactive database that covers over five million data points across 215 countries and 700 parameters, enabling you to identify and contextualize country and market trends, historically and into the future.

Covering the global food, drinks and personal care markets, MDA includes:

  • 60 markets divided by category, segment and sub-segment
  • Segmentation by demographic consumer groups
  • Data collection process designed with and audited by a leading global audit firm, utilizing rigorous modeling and forecasting methodologies
  • Modeling incorporates complex strategy and consumer behaviour analyses created by industry experts

Our clients are global and use MDA to track their existing markets and identify opportunities as they emerge in new markets.

Get a complete overview of sectors and their geographic context to formulate a complete market assessment of various Consumer Packaged Goods sectors.

* exclusively for our academic clients

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