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Iran Transport: Accelerating forward to the future

Iran is a growing hub for transportation, acting as a critical connection point between India and Russia/ Europe. Until recently, the Suez Canal served as the quickest transport route between India and Russia however with Iran undergoing rail infrastructure upgrades and also building part of the North-South corridor, Iran is set to become a key part of the ongoing development of transport links using the rail network. The North-South corridor has the potential to cut the transport time by around 50% and is sure to disrupt the naval transportation market.

Besides the growth in the rail network and transport market, a number of Iranian airlines have also begun expanding their airplane capacity as a method of increasing connectivity between countries. Russia has already taken hold of the Iranian hopes for air transport by beginning to build helicopters in Iran. Iran has sought investment from other countries which supports the idea that Iran is becoming a central hub for transportation. This is beneficial for companies such as Boeing as well as for the business sectors of Russia, India and Iran.