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Profiling all major companies, industries and geographies, MarketLine is one of the most prolific publishers of business information today.

Our content is produced by an internal team of analysts, drawing on primary and secondary research and prepared under an established methodology that’s been tried and tested over 10 years.

From Aerospace and Automotive to Media, Mining and Textiles, MarketLine covers every major private and public company in every major industry worldwide. Speak to us to find out how we can provide you with the Advantage.

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  • 30,000+ company profiles featuring
    • FTSE 250, NASDAQ & DOW top 100 companies
    • Private and Public listed companies
    • Full SWOT analysis on 2600+ companies
    • 200,000+ M&A deals containing rationale and deal value
  • 4,000+ industry profiles covering
    • Major industry sectors in developed and emerging markets
    • Leading companies operating in these markets
    • Five Forces analysis for each industry sector
  • Interactive suite of four Company Financial Analysis Tools featuring
    • Financial Deal Tracker
    • Company Report Generator
    • Company Prospector
    • Investment & Advisory Prospector
  • 160+ company focussed strategy case studies 
  • Country Statistics Database covering
    • 750 macroeconomic, demographic & industry indicators
    • 215 countries
    • Historical & forecasted data points

What our clients think

Our users access MarketLine information to analyze specific industries that support the planning and elaboration of commercial strategies, as well as knowing the current situation of the main players involved. It is very important for the users to find global information readily alongside regional and country data. This is useful to know specific details of the key indicators and the markets trends.

Head of Corporate Strategy, Leading Food Manufacturer, USA

We purchased MarketLine because we were needed access to data on international market research. MarketLine fills that gap and so much more.
As soon as it went live our students started using it and I can tell it will become one of our most popular resources. Not only is there industry research but also company information, country data, deals info and case studies. The more you use it the more information you realise is there.

Electronic Resources Manager, Top 10 Unviersity, United Kingdom

Why choose us?

  • One tool for all
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Extensive coverage of companies, industries and countries
  • Easy to use, instantly downloadable, accessible and consistent content
  • Personalized online training and video tutorials
  • Excellent value for money

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Access information on thousands of companies, multiple industry sectors and countries worldwide

Company SWOTs

Uncover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the biggest global companies.

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Industry Analysis Profiles

Form a clear picture of individual market sectors with our Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, including who is operating within them and how they are performing.

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Country Analysis Profiles

Analyse the business landscape in 110 countries with our PESTLE analysis into the strengths, challenges and prospects.

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Company Profiles

Understand the size and scope of more than 12,000 global companies with detailed company summaries.

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Case Studies

Learn and apply key business lessons through our analysis of the latest innovative company strategies.

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Financial Deals

Identify and track major financial deal activity in every sector to spot opportunities and threats ahead of your competitors.

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Company Capsules

Get a top-level overview of more than 16,500 global companies with our streamlined Company Capsules.

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News Articles

Stay informed of the latest developments affecting the organizations on your radar with our news service.

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Country Statistics Database

Country Statistics identifies and contextualizes key country and market trends – both historically and into the future. Scan and compare over half a million data points for 215 countries and 46 political and geographic groupings.

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