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Verizon purchase of Yahoo: Data breach puts deal at risk, but purchase still likely


The theft of confidential information from Yahoo in 2013, although only recently announced, has heaped doubt over the proposed purchase of Yahoo by Verizon. Many predict the final bill will be substantial and worse could follow – the FBI are investigating and could yet cause more problems. A reduced share price caused Verizon to reappraise the sale. For both parties the realization that damage occurring from the data theft has yet to be fully felt is a serious problem, making revaluing Yahoo much harder. Regardless of which route Verizon chooses… Read more

Tumblr pressing play on video improvements won’t worry YouTube


The media networking and blogging site Tumblr have made some upgrades to their native video-player in a bid to boost revenue and keep up with their rivals. There is speculation however that Yahoo! plans to use its acquired blogging site to rival YouTube’s iron grip on the video streaming market. If this is indeed a secret ambition it is surely doomed to failure. Yahoo! bought Tumblr for $1.1bn in 2013, its revenue was $13m, now Yahoo! CEO Marrisa Mayer has announced Tumblr is expected to hit $100m from advertising revenue… Read more

Was Tumblr worth $1.1bn for Yahoo!?


Yahoo!’s acquisition of blogging service Tumblr has been all over the news in the past few days, as the company looks to make its first big-ticket acquisition of 2013. Remarkably, the agreed price of the acquisition stands at $1.1bn, a substantial amount considering that Tumblr accrued just $13m in revenues last year. So, the question begs to be asked, why has Yahoo! paid such a premium in order to seize control of the fiver-year-old company? The answer lies with its online presence, specifically within the social media space. According to… Read more

Google – The world’s leading Internet search engine

Internet search engines have not been in existence for very long. As the Internet grew in the early 1990s, search engines began to emerge in an attempt to index Internet web pages. The early search engines were essentially a database of filenames. Yahoo! was created in 1994, becoming incorporated in March 1995. Yahoo! was different from other search engines in that it provided a description of the page along with the URL. Furthermore, search results were ordered in a hierarchy. Yahoo! became popular very quickly, attracting a number of investors…. Read more