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Toys R Us: Collapse Inevitable as Company Fails to Utilize the Power of the Internet


In recent months, well-established toy retailer Toys R Us has given repeated indications of the state of its finances. In September the US-based parent company announced that it entered into bankruptcy protection proceedings and is planning to close more than ten percent of its US stores in the near future. More recently the UK division made similar announcements, to close nearly a quarter of its stores soon after the New Year. So the recent news that the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), one of the company’s largest creditors in the UK,… Read more

Aldi and Lidl US Expansion: US grocery retailers should be worried


Aldi and Lidl have been responsible for a huge shift in the grocery market across Europe. This has been particularly evident in the UK with the discounters growing their collective share of the market from 2.8% in 2000 to 12% in mid-2017. In a market that was previously dominated by four big retailers, this has been an impressive growth. The low prices offered by Aldi and Lidl, along with clever marketing campaigns and a growing reputation for quality produce, have enabled the discounters to erode the market share of the… Read more

Whole Foods: A victim of its own success?


Whole Foods, the US-based organic food retailer, is not now nor will it ever be a cheap shopping experience. Despite its high prices, the company has seen its revenues rise in recent years, as demand for healthy, natural foods has constantly increased. However, despite a whole paycheck being needed to shop at this organic food giant, recently only a fraction of one has been needed to buy the company’s stock. The company has seen its shares fall almost 35% in 2014. The main reason for the stock’s poor performance is… Read more