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Ezetap Quest to democratize India’s digital payments industry


India has recently been going through a digitalization of almost everything, and this revolution has now reached the traditional banking and finance sectors. As even large banks have realized that using time tested technology means always staying a generation behind, there is now much acceptance and demand in terms of implementing financial startup products and services in the country. Additionally, the recent and largest ever government demonetization caused a cash-crunch, hitting the remote, rural areas most, and left citizens with no choice but to go digital. With nearly 1 billion… Read more

UK Government to Swipe Charges from Merchants

  Swipe charges have long been the subject of heated debate, with many consumers in the UK voicing their anger at what they deem to be excessive stealth charges. As a result, the UK government, via the Office of Fair Trading, (OFT) launched an investigation into the charges levied by merchants when customers pay by either credit or debit card. Last December, the OFT announced plans to stop retailers imposing excessive or surprise surcharges and this week, the government announced plans to push ahead with the plan. The proposals will… Read more