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Uber: Revoking Uber’s London license prompts consumer backlash


Transport for London is facing accusations that its decision to revoke Uber’s license in the British capital was politically motivated rather than based on safety concerns (concerns on which the capital’s transport regulator partly based its reasoning Uber’s). Uber’s cheap and efficient transport offering is popular worldwide and has been used on a mass scale within all of London’s major areas, including the suburbs and villages that surround it. With the black cab business taking a hard hit since Uber’s formation, the decision is music to their ears and also… Read more

Gig Employment: Not a smooth ride


The number of individuals defined as self-employed is growing aided by the latest trend of gig-employment. These self-employed individuals serve to increase competition between those seeking full time employment and those who prefer to work contract to contract. A recent change in the mindset of the gig-employment workers has caused a shift in working patterns with these workers now beginning to seek out full time employee status and the benefits which accompany this. Businesses which previously exploited these gig workers (e.g. Deliveroo and Uber) are now under scrutiny and face… Read more

LiDAR self-driving technology. A case of calculated theft?


Google and Uber started off as friends with Google parent Alphabet investing $258m in Uber in 2013. They then became competitors, as Uber started experimenting with its fleet of self-driving cars in 2016. Finally, in 2017, both companies ended as adversaries in court, engaging in a bitter legal fight to control the future of transportation. The suit details the lengths Waymo goes to in order to protect its trade secrets, including purchasing LiDAR components from numerous vendors and completing assembly in-house to prevent any single vendor from knowing everything about… Read more

Ford’s autonomous cars due for release in 2021


Ford, one of the world’s largest automotive and mobility companies, announced that it will be developing autonomous cars for use by 2021. As part of this goal, Ford will be investing in several startups, continuing its trend of making investments in technology in recent years. For example, Ford’s recent technology investments include Easy Access Door System, Active City Stop, Hands-Free Tailgate, and Active Park Assist. In the announcement, Ford said that it will also be investing in companies developing advanced algorithms, 3D mapping, LiDAR, and radar and camera sensors. These… Read more

Uber & Didi Chuxing: Uber gives app in China


Uber’s once seemingly irresistible march to world domination has suffered a setback as it agreed to merge its business operations in China with local competitor Didi Chuxing. Uber had been employing the practices that served it well elsewhere, by engaging in subsidizing of rides and drivers’ income to gain market share. However, in China a domestic ride sharing incumbent made from the merger of Didi and Kuadi in February 2015 (later renamed Didi Chuxing) could match Uber’s financial power, as it drew backing from Chinese internet companies and Apple. The… Read more

Self-driving to the future


The line between the auto and tech industries is rapidly blurring, with the pursuit of autonomous driving and a shift from car ownership towards car sharing and ride sharing. China is widely viewed as the next frontier for growth and many market players are looking to establish a foothold in this country, which requires significant investment. To keep up with changing market trends, most major auto makers are investing in their own driverless-car technology, which is less costly if done in cooperation with high-tech companies, like Google or Apple. The… Read more