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Vero: 3 reasons why it won’t replace Instagram


In recent years Instagram users have become increasingly irritated with a number of features of the application. The huge amount of advertisements and changes to the algorithm that Instagram uses to order content, has meant that posts are not featured in chronological order, which has proved to be unpopular amongst the majority of users. Social app Vero appears to answer the demands of users and has been described as ‘the new Instagram’, however in reality it is likely that this is not the case and Instagram will remain a staple… Read more

Social Media: Disruptors likely unless culture changes in Silicon Valley


The deletion and subsequent reinstatement of the Google account belonging to prominent scholar Jordan Peterson has set a dangerous precedent regarding the treatment of individuals promoting viewpoints which are at odds with those held by leading social media and technology companies. Mostly thanks to a campaign to reverse the decision, Jordan Peterson is now back online, but with a near absence of information coming from Google, many in online communities now fear censorship from the largest internet giant of them all. Engaging in ever closer oversight of dissident voices increases… Read more

Spotify: How the Swedish start-up revolutionized an ailing music industry


The power of the internet has grown rapidly since its introduction to the mainstream in the early 2000s and it has become the most powerful tool on the planet, both socially and economically. However the music industry has struggled in recent years, in freefall since the turn of the century and the birth of the mainstream internet. The shift from physical to digital music has been stifled by the rapid growth in internet piracy, with software such as LimeWire, Napster and later torrent clients making it incredibly simple to download… Read more

Trouble at Twitter: Profit still elusive


Twitter, the micro-blogging social media platform, is struggling. In a week that reminded us of the cost of missing the boat in the tech world, as Yahoo is sold for $5 billion, a mere 25th of its peak value, Twitter released its Q2 results. What they showed was a platform hampered by virtually stagnant growth, and a company that has yet to make a profit, despite being well on its way to ten years old. Twitter makes its money by charging advertisers to boost the visibility of tweets and videos…. Read more