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Keep on trucking; global truck market demonstrates resilience


The global truck market experienced strong growth during 2009-2013, fuelled by the Americas as the US’ economic recovery and South America’s dynamic economies continue to gather strength, and the Asia-Pacific region as China and India continue to show strong growth. With Western Europe also finally showing signs of sustainable recovery, the short term future for the truck market looks promising. The global truck industry (which includes light commercial vehicles, light buses and coaches, commercial vehicles, buses and coaches, heavy commercial vehicles, and heavy buses and coaches in this research) grew… Read more

Truck Manufacturing market continues to fluctuate


Introduction The global truck manufacturing market produced fairly low growth in 2012. However the market has been fluctuating in recent years and this growth perhaps indicates that the market is beginning to move out of the economic difficulties seen recently. This is not the case world-wide with some markets producing more reliable growth than others. The truck manufacturing market is heavily reliant on commodity prices, and increases seen in the cost of products such as aluminum can have a direct impact on the cost price of finished truck products. Figures… Read more