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China’s OBOR project: Threatening the Singaporean transportation sector


Singapore’s location at the southern tip of the Strait of Malacca has allowed the country to position itself as one of the world’s major transportation hubs. Through this Strait travels practically all trade between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and therefore trade going in and out of countries such as Japan and China will more likely than not pass through Singapore, especially if headed towards Europe, the Middle East and Africa. To emphasize its importance, almost half of all Chinese oil imports pass through Singapore, and the figure is even… Read more

Baltic nations agriculture and transportation sectors suffer due to Russian sanctions


Western sanctions on Russia due to the events that unfolded in Crimea in 2014 resulted in Russia only days later reciprocating and introducing its own sanctions on the EU and the US. Whilst the EU sanctions have focused on oil companies and Russian banks, Russian sanctions on the EU have focused on the agricultural sector. This has been bad news for players in the agricultural and transportation sectors in the Baltic nations. Russia has historically been a key export market for Baltic exporters and the two have a long history… Read more

LiDAR self-driving technology. A case of calculated theft?


Google and Uber started off as friends with Google parent Alphabet investing $258m in Uber in 2013. They then became competitors, as Uber started experimenting with its fleet of self-driving cars in 2016. Finally, in 2017, both companies ended as adversaries in court, engaging in a bitter legal fight to control the future of transportation. The suit details the lengths Waymo goes to in order to protect its trade secrets, including purchasing LiDAR components from numerous vendors and completing assembly in-house to prevent any single vendor from knowing everything about… Read more

Self-driving to the future


The line between the auto and tech industries is rapidly blurring, with the pursuit of autonomous driving and a shift from car ownership towards car sharing and ride sharing. China is widely viewed as the next frontier for growth and many market players are looking to establish a foothold in this country, which requires significant investment. To keep up with changing market trends, most major auto makers are investing in their own driverless-car technology, which is less costly if done in cooperation with high-tech companies, like Google or Apple. The… Read more

Car sharing industry – beginning of the end?


Zipcar, Inc. operates a car sharing network, providing self-service vehicles, conveniently located in reserved parking spaces, by the hour or by the day. The company offers its solutions to individuals, universities, businesses, and government agencies. It is present in North America and Europe. Zipcar’s way of doing business is particularly appealing to young city dwellers, who do not own their own cars, but walk, bike and use public transportation instead, most of the time. They usually like the cool cars  that Zipcar provides, such as Mini Coopers, or Toyota Prius,… Read more

Arctic Shipping; a future rival for the Suez Canal?


The melting of the Polar ice caps has opened the potential for a new shipping route which could cut thousands of kilometres between Asia and Europe, offering long-term hope for the shipping industry. The North Sea Route, a Russian regulated shipping lane between Murmansk in the Barents Sea and the Bering Strait, has seen over 213 applications to date in 2013, with 204 approved. Compared to 2012, where only 46 ships sailed, and two the previous year. Historically, the route was always limited by frozen waters. As climate change persists,… Read more