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Vincent Bolloré charged in France


The arrest of French billionaire Vincent Bolloré, head of one of the largest companies operating in Africa, Bolloré Logistics, is unlikely to hurt the operations of the company recently valued at EUR12.9bn ($15.4bn). Insufficient logistical infrastructure has long held back economic growth for many countries situated on the world’s poorest continent. The French company has been important to developing critical infrastructure that has been driving growth of late. Odds are investigations in France will not significantly damage the company in Africa. Vincent Bolloré has already gained vocal support from Guinean… Read more

Siemens Alstom merger: Deal necessary to compete against China state-backed CRRC


The merger between Siemens and Alstom will create a company able to compete against the largest train companies in the world. Previous talks between Siemens and Canada based Bombardier failed but showed the mood in the market was towards consolidation. A merger between two leading European companies is necessary if Europe is to remain relevant. The Chinese CRRC is armed with massive resources and is pressing ahead with highly advanced technology. The importance of the ability of Europe to compete was underlined by the decision of the French government sold… Read more

Launch of Virgin Trains East Coast tightens Stagecoach’s grip on UK long distance passenger transport


March 1st 2015 saw the launch of Virgin Trains East Coast, operating the UK East Coast passenger rail franchise, awarded to a consortium of Stagecoach Plc. (90% holding) and Virgin Group (10% holding). Stagecoach Group Plc., a large multi-modal transport group, will run the East Coast Main Line ( connecting major cities such as London, Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh) franchise through to April 2022, together with the West Coast Main Line franchise through Virgin Trains , a 50:50 venture with Virgin. This will mean that the group effectively controls both… Read more