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Takata: Exploding end to a scandalous journey


Takata started out as a textile manufacturer more than 80 years ago and in 1960 expanded into the car parts manufacturing business, riding the wave of industrial expansion in Japan. After teaming up with Honda it became a leader in auto safety systems that also served overseas clients. In the late 80s, the company became the subject of an official investigation due to a reported failure of its seatbelts installed in many Takata-equipped Honda vehicles. The investigation led to the second largest safety recall in US history, affecting 8.9 million… Read more

The New Cars Market in 2015


In the international spectrum China will remain the main driver for a global growth in the sales of new passenger cars. The forecast for automotive industry is still optimistic despite the slowdown in the major European markets, such as France and Italy. The second place on the podium is occupied by, dethroned a few years ago, the USA. Americans bought 7.7m of new passenger cars in 2014. In order to maintain a sustainable growth, manufacturers will have to look for new customers in rural areas of developing countries like China… Read more

Global car manufacturing industry continues to motor along


The global car manufacturing industry exhibited strong growth in 2013, although it should be noted that the situation differed greatly from country to country. Some of this country specific growth was encouraged by government schemes to encourage the domestic manufacture and purchase of cars. One such example was the increase of import tax for cars in Brazil, introduced in 2012. The industry stabilized in Western Europe following a sharp contraction in 2012, as countries such as the UK continued to perform well. Globally, the industry grew by 4.3% in terms… Read more