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McDonald’s: Tech-heavy strategy at the forefront of driving growth


McDonald’s recently announced its purchase of tech start-up Dynamic Yield Ltd for a price tag of $300m, making it the company’s biggest deal in decades. The fast food giant isn’t best known for embarking on M&A activity, but it has been investing heavily in more recent years in a bid to bring technology to its services, indicating that tech lies at the forefront of the McDonald’s future. McDonald’s recent acquisitions are the latest in a string of digital investments which have taken place over the last few years, which have… Read more

Toshiba operational profit downgrade: Japanese company now more dependent on turnaround plan succeeding


The announcement of a five-year turnaround plan towards the end of 2018 was met cheerily by stock markets; even though several profit-making businesses had been sold, expectations were the company would begin to recover after being flushed with funds from the NAND sale. Yet now the company has reported results that are well down on original expectations, casting doubt over how soon the company can return to being a safe bet for investors. The stated ambition is to reach profit margins of at least 10% when the five-year plan concludes… Read more