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Polymer notes announced for UK arrival in 2016. De La Rue to capitalize?


The Bank of England announced on 18th December 2013 that they are planning to change the UK’s paper £5 and £10 bank notes to plastic, polymer bank notes in 2016 and 2017, respectively. The Bank of England took to shopping centers nationwide to gauge public interest on the change to polymer notes. Out of the 13,000 people who participated in the consultation, 87% of respondents were in favor of the change, 6% opposed it and 7% were neutral. There have been a few issues raised by the public, such as… Read more

Apple’s new iPads to offer greater profit opportunities?


Apple Inc’s (Apple) latest additions to its iPad tablet range show that it continues to focus on the high-end of the market. The addition of a Retina display to the iPad mini, in conjunction with a price increase, demonstrates that the company continues to value premium, profitable products. The replacement of last year’s flagship iPad with the new iPad Air also marks an attempt to continue premium profitability, as the company continues to offer its iPad 2 at $399. Further premiuzation of the iPad mini This time last year, I… Read more

Sony reveals PS4 release date, Microsoft still quiet on Xbox One launch


The gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany has led to the emergence of new key information on Sony Corporation (Sony) and Microsoft Corporation’s (Microsoft) launch plans for the PS4 and Xbox One. Notably, a solid release date was absent from Microsoft’s keynote at the event, but Sony announced that its PS4 would release in North America on 15 November and in Europe on 29 November, 2013. Rather than nailing down a definitive release date for the Xbox One, which currently holds a November 2013 release date, Microsoft took to the stage… Read more