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Samsung S8 follows the Note 7: A smarter choice


The mobile phone market is extremely competitive and in order to retain customers, companies need to provide them with the best products and also a good level of security and customer service. Samsung is attempting to recoup its losses from the Note 7 from 2016 after it was recalled and ceased manufacturing with its latest release the Samsung Galaxy S8. The fear for Samsung is that it will not only be facing competition from the market but also from its customers whose trust has been put to the test in… Read more

South Korea and China: WTO complaint must be resolved swiftly and amicably


In July 2016, American and South Korean military officials agreed to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile defense system in South Korea. China was unimpressed, seeing the move as an act of aggression and intimidation by the US close to its borders, as well as citing concerns that it could interfere with the efficacy of its own military capabilities. On March 20, 2017, South Korea complained to the WTO that China’s unease with the THAAD situation has caused it to retaliate economically, although it was keen to… Read more

No restructuring plan can save Hanjin


At the present time the primary difficulty with the ship freight industry is one of oversupply, and the gulf between capacity and demand is growing still further. Market conditions are reigning in even the most competitive companies: Maersk, the Danish conglomerate and a leading company in the sector, is cutting jobs and has cancelled an order for six of the huge Triple-E super tankers. In such an environment, Hanjin cannot hope to survive – the demand simply does not exist for such a company anymore. No matter the quality of… Read more