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BlackBerry: clinging onto consumers through BBM


BlackBerry’s dire financial results have dominated headlines over the past year, leading to speculation about its future as a business. BlackBerry 10, its latest operating system, has failed to recapture the consumer market, and recent rumors of the company exiting the hardware market, have been circulating. Although it appears that BlackBerry has lost the consumer hardware battle to Apple and Google, there remains one artifact of its original popularity: BBM. As discussed in the MarketLine Case Study, BlackBerry Limited: Does it have a future in the consumer market?, BlackBerry is… Read more

Galaxy S III fever hits consumers across the globe


Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung this week launched the latest product in its flagship smartphone range, the Galaxy S III. The success of its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, which sold 20 million units within 10 months of its release and garnered a great deal of critical acclaim, guaranteed a certain degree of anticipation, but the sight of the kind of queues usually reserved for Apple products will have surprised even Samsung. The Galaxy S II helped Samsung usurp Apple as the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer and has also been credited… Read more