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Apple’s Share Price Plummets: An end to the tech giant’s perceived monopoly on innovation?


On November 1 2018, Apple announced its Q4 2018 results. The limelight was stolen, however, by the warning of poor sales over the next quarter – the crucial Christmas shopping period. This announcement scared off many investors and since the start of the month the company’s share price has fallen by more than 20% – now down to $172.29 a share as of the close of markets on Friday November 23. The sell-off has effectively wiped all of Apple’s gains since the start of 2018, with the share price currently… Read more

Bank of America and Citigroup: Poor Q4 results see share prices fall sharply


Yesterday (January 15), Bank of America (BoA) and Citigroup announced underwhelming results for Q4 2014 that seemingly caught the market off guard and caused share prices in both banks to fall. Bank of America announced Q4 revenues of $18,955m, down 12.7% on the same period a year earlier. Net income also fell from $3,439m in Q4 2013 to $3,050m, a drop of 11.3%. This has impacted preliminary 2014 full year results as revenue has fallen 5.2% on a year-on-year basis, and net income by a staggering 57.7%. Citigroup’s results did… Read more