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Toshiba $6.3bn write-down


Originally the board of Toshiba wanted to sell just 19.9% of the semiconductor making business, which was expected to raise $2bn, maybe more. In hanging on to the majority of the business Toshiba would be able to maintain control over the business from which 80% of operating profit is derived. Yet the banks saw the matter differently. Whilst the sale of the majority of the business solves many problems, it creates a fresh set. The more the ‘crown jewels’ of Toshiba are sold off, the harder making a profit becomes…. Read more

Intel Corporation ready to take on the IoT after failing in mobile


2015 marked the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law, a famous and remarkably accurate prediction made by the co-founder of Intel Corporation about the pace of technological innovation. The prediction stems from an observation regarding the development of semiconductor devices and has driven the commercial success of Intel. But in 2014, Intel reorganized its business following an abject failure to take part in the smartphone and tablet revolutions amid a simultaneous decline in the consumer PC market. In 2014, the Intel management team finally decided to largely give up on the… Read more