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Another headache for RBS as European Commission probes plan to abandon Williams & Glyn sale


It seems like an eternity since the European Commission (EC) told RBS that it needed to divest of some of its banking operations as a result of receiving state aid in the form of a bailout. The EC argued that it would be unfair to enjoy such a position of power in the UK banking market (particularly in the SME segment) having needed such an injection of government cash. Almost nine years on from receiving that funding, the bank is no closer to any such divestment, having seen three separate… Read more

Williams & Glyn: RBS abandons spin-off IPO plan


To comply with European Commission State Aid requirements, RBS agreed in 2009 to a series of restructuring measures that were to be implemented over a four year period. One of these measures was the divestment of the RBS branch network in England and Wales and the NatWest branches in Scotland. This was scheduled to be completed by 2013, but an extension was granted after the original bidder, Santander, pulled out. A consortium known as Corsair stepped into the breach and invested, facilitating a later sale or, more likely, an IPO…. Read more

Williams & Glyn: Future of RBS spin-off in doubt as launch delayed


Overly ambitious growth strategies initially brought great success for RBS and the company was seen as the darling of the stock market, consistently delivering double digit growth. However, the company swelled to such a size that its assets were twice the size of the UK economy and a woefully ill-advised acquisition of ABN Amro in 2007 as part of a consortium tipped the bank over the edge as it took ownership of a large amount of toxic assets. The weakness was ruthlessly exposed during the global crash of 2008/2009 and… Read more

Lloyds success to pave way for RBS sale?


The UK government has sold another tranche of the shares it owns in the Lloyds Banking Group – one of the banks controversially bailed out during the financial crisis. The latest round of sales, aimed to capitalise on prices close to the 12-month high, have coincided with Lloyds’ announcement that it will commence paying dividends for the first time since the bailout on the back of a fourfold increase in the group’s underlying profit. UK Financial Investments (UKFI), the entity set up to manage government stakes in bailed-out banks, had… Read more

Barclays: Can global restructuring boost bank’s profits?


In February 2013, Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins announced a new group strategy with the central aims of simplifying the bank’s operations and boosting profitability. The plan, termed by Jenkins as a ‘bold simplification of Barclays’, involves the establishment of a ‘non-core’ operation consisting of assets and businesses that Barclays plans to run down or exit, a noticeable reduction in headcount, a scaling back of investment banking operations, increased automation of banking processes, and changes to the bank’s UK branch network. As explored in the MarketLine case study ‘Barclays PLC: Reshaping… Read more

Branch sale collapse leaves RBS in limbo

  Last Friday, it was announced that the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) proposed sale of 316 branches and other interests to Santander had collapsed. The Spanish banking giant pulled the plug, citing the length of time the deal was taking to complete as its reason for doing so. The bank’s spokesmen stated that it did not feel the deal could be completed by a deadline that had already been revised. Santander has long felt that its share of the UK SME market is far lower than its natural market… Read more