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Pound depreciation against euro: A short-term undervaluation trend


The ongoing depreciation of the pound against the euro has provoked many analysts to bet on the parity of these two currencies by the end of the year. However, even top financial firms that still advise investors to ride the tide against the pound, admit that they do so based on the prevailing uncertainty bias over Brexit. This bias is manifested through the contradictory perceptions of investors over the performance of the UK economy. Particularly, the rising inflation in the UK over the last six months has led to the… Read more

BoE interest rates: It is time for a raise


On June 15, the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England decided once again to keep interest rates at the record low of 0.25%. However, the big news is that the unexpected 5-3 vote on that decision signals a change of a monetary policy, amid rising inflation that threatens households’ real income. This was no surprise as inflation in the UK economy reached 2.9% in May, keeping up its accelerated trend. In fact, this rate has surpassed the target rate of 2% set by the BoE, quicker than expected…. Read more