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Brazil’s domestic beauty products companies fight back


As Latin America continues to see strong economic growth, so too does Brazil’s personal care market, experiencing growth of 8.2% in 2012. According to industry reports published by the Brazilian Association of the Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance industry (ABHIPEC), the country is currently ranked as the third biggest beauty market in the world. Moreover, the rise in disposable income has triggered beauty spending and more women are spending money on their appearance than ever before. Therefore more beauty/cosmetics companies are eager to enter the Brazilian market. In addition to this,… Read more

Old Spice using social media to revitalise a brand


As consumer media consumption patterns are changing, CPG marketers are adjusting their marketing budgets to dovetail with shifting consumer audiences. As such, digital social media, e.g. Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, have become more important to the marketing mix. Indeed, for many brands, social media has become their biggest relationship-marketing provider. This blog entry focuses on two brands in the men’s personal care sector which have successfully integrated social media into their respective marketing campaigns, namely: Old Spice and King of Shaves. The primary focus of this article is the Old… Read more

L’Oreal Luxury Brand Serving the Post-Recessionary Affluent Market


After a sharp drop in global demand for luxury cosmetics following the economic recession, sales of premium brands now appear to be recovering. L’Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics firm, reported higher than expected profits of £1.2bn in the first half of 2010, and in addition displayed its fastest pace of organic growth for three years, both of which were driven by accelerated sales of its luxury lines. This article will examine the ways in which L’Oreal’s premium brands have responded to the changing demands of a “new” affluent consumer base,… Read more

Dettol Targeting the Personal Care Market in the Far East


Reckitt Benckiser reported impressive year-on-year pre-tax profits for 2010, stating that its performance in developing markets had helped offset sluggish activity in its Western markets. As part of this impressive performance, the company said its Dettol brand continued to deliver excellent growth in developing markets. This article examines how the Dettol brand has been well placed to extend its product portfolio into the personal care market in the Far East (particularly China, India, Japan, and South Korea) region of Reckitt Benckiser’s developing market axis, and how competitors can compete with… Read more

Manufacturers in Personal Care Market Adapting to Demands


Unit-dose packs have achieved wide acceptance in categories such as laundry detergents and pharmaceuticals, but progress has been slow in the personal care sector, despite opportunities to add value. This article analyzes the key consumer trends influencing demand for unit-dose packaging within the sector, and examines the extent to which consumer demand for convenience conflicts with concerns over price, performance, and over packaging. This article identifies the key consumer trends that impact upon demand for unit-dose packaging within the personal care sector. It identifies that: Unit-dose packs align well with… Read more