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UK sugar tax – Attempts to curb rising levels of obesity


The UK is the most obese country in Western Europe, and the sixth most obese country in the world. Around 26.9% of the British population has a body mass index of 30 and above, according to the OECD report and the cost of treating ill health caused by obesity and related issues is rising fast, threatening the NHS budget. The government, long criticized for taking no action to tackle this issue, decided to introduce a Soft Drinks Industry Levy, in the hope that the increased cost will stop people from… Read more

Natural sweeteners market – Stevia


The global diet soda beverage market has been on the decline for the last six years. The last 10 years were hard for producers of diet drinks, especially carbonated ones. In March 2014 the diet soft drink market declined further, by about 7% compared to February’s figures with Coca-Cola recording a 6% decline and PepsiCo hitting almost 7% decline in volume terms. Stevia’s leaves are remarkably 300 times sweeter than plain white sugar while containing no calories, has been heralded as the answer to changing diet habits. Global stevia sales… Read more

PepsiCo unveils one-liter bottle of Brisk Iced Tea for limited time


PepsiCo, announced the launch of a one-liter bottle of Brisk Iced Tea for a limited-time with the Kinect scannable Microsoft tag, or M-Tag, printed on a bottle that unlocks content in an Xbox game. The special M-Tag on the label will allow gamers to unlock an exclusive Anakin Podracer experience in the new ‘Kinect Star Wars’ game, available now, along with the limited edition ‘Kinect Star Wars’ Xbox 360 bundle. The new bottle will feature a gold cap and artist graphics of Star Wars characters R2-D2 and C-3PO. It is… Read more