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Tesco & Carrefour – Strategic partnership protecting wafer thin margins


All the big traditional supermarkets are trying to cut costs and improve profitability, as they adapt to an array of pressures and changes which are reshaping the industry. Grocers in Europe have come under pressure in recent years from the expansion of Lidl and Aldi, the German discounters that offer a narrower range of products bought in huge volumes at deeply discounted prices. Additionally, traditional grocers are under increased pressure from Amazon fearing the potential disruption it could cause in the grocery sector. As efforts by traditional retailers to shore… Read more

Luxottica to make nerdy Google Glass look cool


Luxottica Group S.p.A. (Luxottica or ‘the group’), the world’s largest producer of eyewear, which offers a range of premium, luxury, sport and performance glasses, has signed a strategic partnership with Google over its Glass eyewear. According to the agreement, the two groups will work together to create innovative wearable devices for the Glass brand. Luxottica will put Google’s geeky device through the designer’s laboratory in an attempt to make it cool. The eyewear giant is expected to take care of the design, development and distribution of Google Glass. The company’s… Read more