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The world’s first plastic-free aisle: A key moment in the war against plastic pollution


The stark reality of the damaging nature of plastic packaging has become increasingly evident in recent years, which has placed pressure on the global community to take action. Supermarkets in particular are guilty of using layer upon layer of plastic to package perishable food items, which over time has caused irreversible damage to the environment. The introduction of Ekoplaza’s plastic-free aisle is a landmark moment in a fight against plastic pollution, showcasing to the world that the concept is possible, scalable and well received. The move to launch the world’s… Read more

Seasonal Packaging Tapping into Consumer Trends Beyond the Visual


In recent decades, seasonal packaging has emerged as a promotional tool used by manufacturers to establish a point of difference in a consumer landscape overloaded with choice. Today, however, seasonal marketing no longer represents a novel promotional tool but rather a necessary strategy used by the majority of brands. This article will examine ways in which various brands have successfully developed innovative seasonal packaging designs, which go beyond the visual and respond to core consumer needs. For consumers faced with too much choice, packaging plays an integral role in awaking… Read more

Cadbury Maintaining Sustainability and Traditions in UK Chocolate Market


In 2009 Cadbury trialed a new packaging format for its Roses chocolates brand, replacing the standard 975g metal tin with a carton box pack. However, a poor sales performance resulted in the company reverting to the tin format for the 2010 Christmas season. This article analyzes the reasons behind Cadbury’s decision, and explores the hypothesis that consumers’ actions relating to sustainability may be at odds with their intentions when brands evoke strong emotions of tradition and nostalgia. This article examines the reasons behind Cadbury’s original packaging switch and subsequent reversal,… Read more

Preservative Free Packaging helping Beauty Products to tap Consumers


As the attention consumers pay towards natural beauty and cosmetics that are “free-from” ingredients perceived as harmful continues to grow, packaging suppliers including Promens and Aptar have launched sterile packaging solutions that allow cosmetics manufacturers to sell preservative-free products. Although there is no scientific evidence that preservatives such as parabens are actually harmful at the levels at which they are used in personal care products, the combination of media misinformation, lobbying by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and marketing claims made by the producers of natural products have tainted such chemicals in… Read more

Manufacturers in Personal Care Market Adapting to Demands


Unit-dose packs have achieved wide acceptance in categories such as laundry detergents and pharmaceuticals, but progress has been slow in the personal care sector, despite opportunities to add value. This article analyzes the key consumer trends influencing demand for unit-dose packaging within the sector, and examines the extent to which consumer demand for convenience conflicts with concerns over price, performance, and over packaging. This article identifies the key consumer trends that impact upon demand for unit-dose packaging within the personal care sector. It identifies that: Unit-dose packs align well with… Read more