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Toshiba $6.3bn write-down


Originally the board of Toshiba wanted to sell just 19.9% of the semiconductor making business, which was expected to raise $2bn, maybe more. In hanging on to the majority of the business Toshiba would be able to maintain control over the business from which 80% of operating profit is derived. Yet the banks saw the matter differently. Whilst the sale of the majority of the business solves many problems, it creates a fresh set. The more the ‘crown jewels’ of Toshiba are sold off, the harder making a profit becomes…. Read more

Growth in the Nuclear Energy Industry Will Continue To Be Driven by Developing Countries

  The global Nuclear energy industry saw a slight decline in 2011 following the response to the Fukushima disaster which has seen several nations, including Japan, move away from investment in nuclear technology. Despite the ongoing financial difficulties that persist across many nations around the world nuclear energy still forms a prominent part of the energy plans of many nations, meaning that the industry will experience major rates of growth in terms of revenue as a result of increasing prices. The global Nuclear Energy industry declined by -1.1% in 2011… Read more