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Lloyds success to pave way for RBS sale?


The UK government has sold another tranche of the shares it owns in the Lloyds Banking Group – one of the banks controversially bailed out during the financial crisis. The latest round of sales, aimed to capitalise on prices close to the 12-month high, have coincided with Lloyds’ announcement that it will commence paying dividends for the first time since the bailout on the back of a fourfold increase in the group’s underlying profit. UK Financial Investments (UKFI), the entity set up to manage government stakes in bailed-out banks, had… Read more

Barclays: Can global restructuring boost bank’s profits?


In February 2013, Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins announced a new group strategy with the central aims of simplifying the bank’s operations and boosting profitability. The plan, termed by Jenkins as a ‘bold simplification of Barclays’, involves the establishment of a ‘non-core’ operation consisting of assets and businesses that Barclays plans to run down or exit, a noticeable reduction in headcount, a scaling back of investment banking operations, increased automation of banking processes, and changes to the bank’s UK branch network. As explored in the MarketLine case study ‘Barclays PLC: Reshaping… Read more