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Nissan $9.5bn China investment: Scale of spending required to stay relevant in world’s largest car market


Whilst Nissan is not regarded as being a member of the top-tier car manufacturers – the likes of Volkswagen Group and Mercedes Benz are much larger – that has not stopped the company from pumping $9.5bn into car manufacturing in China. Such investments are now essential, particularly for the less popular global brands. The move represents significant ambition from the Japanese car maker: Toyota, recently the second largest player in the Chinese market, is declining in China and an opportunity exists for Nissan to climb up the hierarchy. Large investments… Read more

Block Chain Tech The DAO becomes the largest crowd funding campaign in history


Block Chain technology is seen as the key breakthrough which allowed the development of Bitcoin, the enormously successful cryptocurrency. The Block Chain stands as proof of all the transactions on the network and the block is the live part of a Block Chain which records all of the recent transactions. When completed the individual block goes into the Block Chain as permanent database or ledger. Each block is arranged properly in chronological order and connected to the block next to it. Looking at the banking system for instance, this would… Read more

Turning carbon dioxide from pollutant to raw material


Recently, the RSC’s Chemistry World highlighted the work of Econic Technologies. Formed in 2012, this UK company intends to produce polyols (precursors to polyurethanes) and polycarbonates. Why the interest in a small company offering  the kind of basic plastic resins that have been produced in vast quantities for more than 50 years? The reason is that it intends to make them from carbon dioxide. Econic will use catalysts developed by Professor Charlotte Williams and her team at Imperial College, London. These novel materials allow small molecules such as propylene oxide… Read more