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Spotify: How the Swedish start-up revolutionized an ailing music industry


The power of the internet has grown rapidly since its introduction to the mainstream in the early 2000s and it has become the most powerful tool on the planet, both socially and economically. However the music industry has struggled in recent years, in freefall since the turn of the century and the birth of the mainstream internet. The shift from physical to digital music has been stifled by the rapid growth in internet piracy, with software such as LimeWire, Napster and later torrent clients making it incredibly simple to download… Read more

Behind the Digital Iron Curtain: Rise of Chinese Silicon Valley


After a long period of rapid, double digit growth, the Chinese economy entered a more sustainable phase of development, based on innovation and consumption. Given the large population of 1.3 billion in China, the explosive growth of smartphone users, e-commerce, and online content consumption and creation led to a digital revolution in almost all industries and business sectors. While the Chinese Communist Party is trying to match its social control in the real world with the virtual world, which becomes more and more restrictive, the country’s internet is thriving and… Read more

Netflix competition: Not a chill environment


Growing from a DVD rental/ selling service in 1997, Netflix today has become one of the leading companies in the online streaming market. Netflix has benefitted greatly from the increased range and depth of broadband internet. The global reach of Netflix and its competitors serve to increase rivalry.  Gaming systems which now incorporate applications into their systems present new and growing opportunities and potential dangers for Netflix. The increased advertisements from gaming systems can help recruit more customers which is also an opportunity for competitors of Netflix. Netflix, as one… Read more

Russian e-commerce market presents significant business opportunities for those able to overcome its challenges


With 84.4 million internet users and 27 million online shoppers Russia is already the largest online community in Europe and growing rapidly. With a skyrocketing number of Internet users, but a still underdeveloped commercial environment, the opportunity to build a successful online selling business in Russia is huge. The biggest growth areas are mostly in the remote regions, where growth is 50% higher than in central cities. Even amid a slowing economy, the country’s online shopping kept increasing at a double digit rate in 2013, making it the fastest expanding… Read more

The internet access market is growing well, but deceleration may be on the cards


Introduction The global internet access market grew at a good rate in 2012, despite some minor deceleration from previous years. Internet access, in general, is becoming more of a necessary lifestyle expenditure in many developed markets, meaning that consumers consider internet access to be something they are unlikely to go without. Even in times where disposable income is fairly low, we see consumers retaining internet access contracts. This is good news for the future of the market as although in coming years some regions will eventually become saturated, they are… Read more