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Luckin Coffee could displace Starbucks in China


Chinese coffee start-up company Luckin Coffee has demonstrated strong potential in the Chinese coffee market. In just two years of existence the company has expanded prolifically and now threatens Starbucks, the leading coffee house chain operating in China. Luckin has made its intentions clear with the aim of become the nation’s leading specialist coffee provider by continuing an aggressive expansion strategy. The company has already achieved in two years what Starbucks has taken 19 years to complete in China. This has raised concern for Starbucks, which has begun taking action… Read more

Tablet market decline continues: Strong demand for substitutes and low innovation resulting in falling sales


The tablet market has undergone consecutive years of decline in recent years, and the market is expected to continue declining in the coming years as well. This has put intense pressure on players operating in this market, and many such as Dell and HTC have decided to pull out. Overall the market is dominated by Apple, Samsung and Amazon. Several reasons have been given to explain why the tablets market after such a promising start has succumbed to this pattern of decline. An important reason is the way in which… Read more

Behind the Digital Iron Curtain: Rise of Chinese Silicon Valley


After a long period of rapid, double digit growth, the Chinese economy entered a more sustainable phase of development, based on innovation and consumption. Given the large population of 1.3 billion in China, the explosive growth of smartphone users, e-commerce, and online content consumption and creation led to a digital revolution in almost all industries and business sectors. While the Chinese Communist Party is trying to match its social control in the real world with the virtual world, which becomes more and more restrictive, the country’s internet is thriving and… Read more