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Generic drugs prices: Unscrupulous companies increase prices significantly


Generic drugs are identical in dose, strength, safety, efficacy, administration and intended use to their branded counterparts. They are produced after a product’s patent has expired, after 20 years. They are much cheaper to produce and these savings are passed on to the buyer: generics are much cheaper than their branded counterparts. An investigation by UK newspaper The Times, the findings of which were released in a June 2016 report, found that a small number of UK companies have made huge profits after increasing the prices of generic drugs. The… Read more

Generics Market – Likely To Continue to produce good growth through to 2016

  The global generics market has produced good growth in recent years and, due to the trend of cheaper generics replacing branded pharmaceutical products when patents end, the market is likely to continue to produce good growth through to 2016. The last few years have seen a number of blockbuster drugs coming to the end of their patents, which has shown the speed with which generics can be introduced and dominate a previously locked up market. This change is happening because the switch to generics from branded drugs is highly… Read more