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Uncertainty over political events trumps fundamentals as markets fall


On Thursday June 23, 2016 the UK went to the polls to decide on its future as a member of the European Union (EU). By a small margin, the country opted to leave and despite the fact that no steps to enact Article 50 have yet been taken by Theresa May and her government, speculation about an imminent implosion of the British economy has been rife, damaging the value of the Pound and serving as a rather convenient scapegoat for everything from companies’ poor performance to increased prices, to political… Read more

The UK General Election 2015: The Result that nobody expected


On Thursday the 7th of May the UK went to the polls to choose their next government. The previous government had been a compromise between two parties, sharing their seats in order to form a workable coalition. For months and years before last week’s election, the pollsters had been predicting a similar result,  a hung parliament, where no one party would have overall control  and all the signs were suggesting that there would have to be another coalition and no one knew for sure which parties that might contain and… Read more