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Kindred AI – Putting robots in human shoes


Teaching computers to learn on their own has been the core aim of AI research, with the world’s largest tech companies, including Facebook, Google and Baidu, all racing to develop the best techniques. Although there have been breakthroughs in speech and image recognition, the machines still struggle to handle basic physical tasks. Kindred AI, a Canadian start up, decided to tackle these issues applying a new, innovative approach based on the technique of immersive teleoperation. According to its founders, the best way to make robots as smart as humans, is… Read more

Segmented marketing driving Inditex’s growth


In FY2013 Inditex reported strong like for like sales with an increase of 3%. At the end of FY2013 Inditex had grown its operations to 6,340 stores in 87 markets. Under the company’s segmented marketing strategy, each brand tailors its product offering to separate groups and enables catering for multiple customers, allowing Inditex to maximize its consumer base. Prior to the development of market segmentation, mass marketing was the prevailing method; which meant the same product and marketing mix were offered to all consumers.  Inditex adopted the segmented marketing approach… Read more