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Sony reveals PS4 release date, Microsoft still quiet on Xbox One launch


The gamescom conference in Cologne, Germany has led to the emergence of new key information on Sony Corporation (Sony) and Microsoft Corporation’s (Microsoft) launch plans for the PS4 and Xbox One. Notably, a solid release date was absent from Microsoft’s keynote at the event, but Sony announced that its PS4 would release in North America on 15 November and in Europe on 29 November, 2013. Rather than nailing down a definitive release date for the Xbox One, which currently holds a November 2013 release date, Microsoft took to the stage… Read more

E3 2013: Sony gains upper hand over Microsoft


Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) and Sony Corporation (Sony) took to the stage yesterday for their E3 2013 press conferences, with Microsoft focusing on exclusive games, and Sony focusing on the PlayStation 4 itself. In terms of strategy, Sony has opted for a value, gamer focused proposition, which gives it an advantage, while Microsoft’s console will retail at a higher price point, but will include a Kinect sensor. Online services will continue to see a greater focus in the next generation, but digital rights management (DRM) strategy may become the main differentiator… Read more