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Micro-transactions dominating the gaming industry: Gambling becoming a major issue


Micro-transactions have dominated the gaming industry in recent years, largely due to their ability to generate an income for games developers throughout the life-span of a game, rather than being dependent on the one-off payment at the point of sale. This new model facilitated revenues to sharply increase and has begun a new wave of ‘free-to-play’ games, whereby developers make profits based upon the additional features players can purchase within the game. From a business perspective in-game purchases have been a tremendous success; some companies have doubled their profits. However,… Read more

Australian bookmakers under pressure as new legislation hits hard


Online gambling is incredibly popular in Australia with around 80% of Australians gambling at least once a year. Adults in Australia gamble more per capita than any other nation in the world, an average of $976.50 per adult. That is 40% higher than Singapore, the runner-up, and around double the average in other Western countries. The existing loopholes in the gambling law created a gray area allowing almost every form of online gambling. This has attracted many of the world’s top online gambling sites, as well as illegal operators to… Read more

UK Gambling Restrictions: Proposed changes to gambling limits are the wrong approach to a very real problem


The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, supported by a proposal from the UK Gambling Commission, announced plans on October 31, 2017 to cut the maximum bet that can be made at B2 gaming machines, often known as fixed-odds betting terminals by more than half, from its current level of £100 ($131) to a level around £20-30 ($26-$39). At present a consumer could theoretically bet – and lose – up to £18,000 ($23,600) in one hour on a B2 machine. The government is also considering an increase in the… Read more

eSports continues to grow in popularity: However challenges like match-fixing amplify the need for more regulatory bodies


eSports has grown at an impressive pace in recent years, and this rise has attracted the interest of globally recognized sponsors and sporting clubs. As the speed of internet has increased as have broadband connectivity levels, and the ease of playing games online has substantially increased. Sensing this opportunity brands like Intel and Red Bull as well as sporting clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and the Philadelphia 76ers have entered eSports as sponsors. However as the popularity of eSports has increased, so have the challenges it faces. One notable example is… Read more

UK Bookmakers hedge bets with consolidation


July 25 2016 saw the latest move towards consolidation in the UK gambling industry as online bookmaker 888 Holdings Plc (888) and casino operator The Rank Group Plc (Rank) approached longtime incumbent William Hill Plc (William Hill) about a potential merger. The merger would create one of the largest gambling groups in the world and the share prices of all three protagonists responded well to the announcement. UK takeover rules dictate that 888 and Rank now have until August 21 2016 to submit a formal offer. This is somewhat of… Read more