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Alcoa Case Study: Benefiting from Saudi Economic Planning


In 2009, the multinational aluminum producer Alcoa announced a joint venture with the Saudi mining company Ma’aden. Together, they are constructing an integrated bauxite mine and aluminum smelter in Saudi Arabia, pioneering production of this metal in the Kingdom. The project sheds light not only on Alcoa’s commercial strategy, but also on the economic strategy of the government of Saudi Arabia, a country with the mixed blessing of abundant natural resources. Alcoa is a large multinational aluminum player. Like many of its peers, it is vertically integrated, with interests in… Read more

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Designed to offer airlines enhanced fuel efficiency and long-haul capability in a mid-sized jetliner, in 2011, Boeing made the first commercial delivery of its 787 Dreamliner. Boeing’s new 787 was designed to offer ‘super efficient’ fuel consumption. Innovations in airframe and engine design were critical to achieving an efficiency said to be 20% better than that of rival planes. Airbus is Boeing’s only significant competitor in jetliner production. The two companies have differing views of the future of air travel. Airbus considers that spoke-and-hub routing will continue to expand; Boeing… Read more