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Football spending – Driven on by TV revenue and relegation fear


Headline grabbing transfer fees, staggering sums paid to agents, and a record-breaking total summer transfer spend by English Premier League clubs has prompted questions over how far football’s extravagance can go. In response, Mino Raiola, agent to Manchester United’s world record signing Paul Pogba, stated that he expects to see the first £200m ($305.6m) transfer fee paid within three to four years. With the new deal to broadcast Premier League games coming into play this summer, clubs have vast financial resources available to them, with an estimated £2.78bn ($4.2bn) flooding… Read more

Nike: England sponsorship deal in jeopardy


In modern sport, funding is a large key to success and in no sport is that more apparent than football, the ultimate game of the haves and have nots. International football has not escaped the phenomenon with England plowing in money as if it is an endless resource while Ghana’s players insisted on cash only payments at the 2014 World Cup amid fears that they would not be paid otherwise. Wembley Stadium, world-leading salaries and a state-of-the-art football center do not come cheap and the money has to come from… Read more

The Olympic Stadium and West Ham’s deal of the century


The Olympic Games was held in London in 2012 much to the joy of the majority of the British public. After an arduous bidding process, the London delegates overcame the bid from Paris and scenes of jubilation from famous sports personalities and members of the royal family were filtered around the world. The Olympics is viewed as a festival of sporting accomplishment and it requires a huge investment from the government, and in turn, the people of the nation in which the event is being hosted. Once the bid was… Read more