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Islamic finance presents opportunities for US banks


Islamic, or more accurately Sharia-compliant, finance is a huge potential market for specialist providers and global banking giants alike. Estimates place the global Muslim population at 1.6 billion, equivalent to approximately 23% of the world total, this offers an excellent potential client base but the range of available Islamic finance products and services is largely under-developed. Some countries with majority Muslim populations, such as Malaysia and Saudi Arabia have relatively advanced offerings, and although there are signs that the market in Europe is finally taking off in earnest, North America’s… Read more

Robinsons Retails Group prepares for IPO


Robinsons Retail Group, the Philippine retailer and operator of stores including Toys “R” Us, Topshop, and Ben Sherman (in the Philippines), has appointed Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, and UBS to manage a seeming $800m initial public offering scheduled for the third quarter of this year. The billionaire owner, John Gokongwei, is selling during a bullish time for the Southeast Asian economy as investors, mostly foreign, are flooding into the country on the back of simultaneous positive indicators for domestic markets: Philippine equities are up 26.3% year to date making… Read more

Santander Becoming a Major Force in the UK Banking Sector


Banco Santander is one of the largest banking groups in the world with operations in Europe and the Americas. The group has a powerful presence in the territories in which it operates and the UK is no exception. Santander UK plc is a wholly-owned but separately capitalized subsidiary of Banco Santander. This case study shows how the Spanish giant has risen to a position of prominence in the UK banking sector. Santander has established a significant presence in the UK predominantly through acquisition. The process began back in 2004 with… Read more