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Kindred AI – Putting robots in human shoes


Teaching computers to learn on their own has been the core aim of AI research, with the world’s largest tech companies, including Facebook, Google and Baidu, all racing to develop the best techniques. Although there have been breakthroughs in speech and image recognition, the machines still struggle to handle basic physical tasks. Kindred AI, a Canadian start up, decided to tackle these issues applying a new, innovative approach based on the technique of immersive teleoperation. According to its founders, the best way to make robots as smart as humans, is… Read more

Behind the Digital Iron Curtain: Rise of Chinese Silicon Valley


After a long period of rapid, double digit growth, the Chinese economy entered a more sustainable phase of development, based on innovation and consumption. Given the large population of 1.3 billion in China, the explosive growth of smartphone users, e-commerce, and online content consumption and creation led to a digital revolution in almost all industries and business sectors. While the Chinese Communist Party is trying to match its social control in the real world with the virtual world, which becomes more and more restrictive, the country’s internet is thriving and… Read more

Selfie generation: Refashioning make-up market


The global make-up industry grew by a record 8.4% in 2016 and was the main growth driver for the cosmetics market worldwide. The range of make-up products is endless, and some product categories, in particular those highly popular with the generation of Millennials, (i.e. concealers, illuminating highlighters, lipsticks) are booming. These hyper-connected customers are young, have a strong purchasing power, new ideas about beauty, and are also very keen to spend money on beauty products. While clothing and department stores are increasingly closing their physical locations, not being able to… Read more

Tax avoidance by large multinational companies in the UK is unfair to small businesses

  Starbucks has recently been in the news after it came to light that they have reportedly paid no tax in the UK for the last three years. Reuters has suggested that the company is making use of offshore licensing, steering profits to Switzerland, and intra-group funding to reduce the profits they earn in the UK. This has resulted in the company reporting losses, whilst expressing to investors how successful the UK arm of the business is. This contradiction is the result of tax avoidance through the use of an… Read more

Facebook’s flotation: better late than never

  Last Friday (May 18th) saw the most highly-anticipated flotation in recent memory as the world’s most popular social network debuted on the NASDAQ stock exchange. But not before an embarrassing delay. The most talked about IPO in the history of Silicon Valley did not get underway until two hours after Mark Zuckerberg had sounded the opening bell at 9 a.m. EDT due to a technical error on the part of NASDAQ, a mistake which has left the stock exchange very much red faced. This did little to dampen the… Read more

What the F? Facebook: The $100 billion social network

The white ‘f’, the thumbs up ‘like’ symbol, the ‘wall.’ These things mean one thing to over 900 million people worldwide: Facebook. Since it was launched in a Harvard dorm room in 2004, Facebook has grown to become the world’s most popular social network and a multi-billion dollar turnover business. As of March 2012, the site had 901 million monthly active users (MAUs) worldwide; 526 million of which are classed as daily active users (DAUs). The company’s management team has successfully translated this in to revenues and profits, growing it… Read more