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Car manufacturing sector booming in the UK: Weaker pound boosts exports, yet Brexit worries persist


2017 has been a good year for the UK car manufacturing sector as far as production levels are concerned, with the country manufacturing cars in March 2017 at a level last seen in the year 2000. Manufacturing levels have been boosted by a strong rise in exports of cars, which has come about due to the weak pound, low crude oil prices and rising demand for British cars in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in the United States. However all of this has been happening among the backdrop of… Read more

Renault Car Emissions: New allegations threatens French car manufacturer


The accusations against Renault published in the French press follow on from a 2015 report detailing cars which exceeded environmental rules by over 300%. Stretching back to 1990, the hierarchy at Renault is said to have known about and been involved with cheating emissions tests. The influence of the French government, and therefore the French taxpayer, will be important given the upcoming presidential election and shareholding. If reports of nearly one million cars being sold with devices used to distort the results of emission testing, the scandal could involve the… Read more

Brexit – the meaning of a messy divorce for the Euro area.


The lending channel between many industries and banks in the Euro area has been far from normal since 2008. This factor puts Britain in a better position to negotiate Brexit next year. The Euro area will embark on a period of further unprecedented slowdown by detaching itself from the world’s fourth largest economy. Credit to industries coming from the banking sector is key for the region to grow as the single currency area has a bank-based model as opposed to a capital market model. Debt financing to companies is largely… Read more

Post-Brexit effect on inflation


The UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) in a referendum undertaken in June 2016. The separation will be complex and will take many years to complete. However, the effects have been felt immediately. Since Brexit, the pound has dropped by 18%. After an initial tumble following the result, it fell further in October following Prime Minister Theresa May’s signal that she would use Brexit to tighten borders, even if it means losing access to the EU’s single market on the current terms. On October 18, the Office for… Read more

Brexit skepticism and predicting the unpredictable


In a bizarre confluence of polarized opinions battling amidst the wanton exposition of misinformation by careerist politicians, the UK has voluntarily plunged itself into a prolonged period of economic and political uncertainty by voting to the leave the European Union. The Prime Minister has resigned, any potential successor from the Leave campaign lacks public credibility or electability, and the Chancellor claims to have no responsibility for delivering a plan for the country in terms of how to navigate and exploit the proposed exit. All those currently in power are willing… Read more