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Netflix buys Millarworld as it looks to backwards integrate


Online television subscription service Netflix is now a firm fixture in millions of homes across the world. It has enjoyed great success in recent years, adding subscribers en route to becoming a $9bn business. One of the key drivers of this success has been the company’s Netflix Originals shows. These are created by the company itself and provide a USP as the content is exclusive to Netflix. The company is aware of how vital these shows are and continues to develop more. The acquisition of Scottish comic book firm Millarworld… Read more

WWE Inc: the NXT big thing?


WWE is the largest wrestling promotion globally, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its recent financial performance has seen revenue and net income grow, with growth across most segments. In physical figures however the company’s TV ratings and live event attendance is down, with its key demographic of older males alienated by the company’s ham-fisted approach to mainstream appeal. One way the company has won back some wayward fans is the NXT brand, available exclusively on the WWE network. The successor to the Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory,… Read more