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Nike: England sponsorship deal in jeopardy


In modern sport, funding is a large key to success and in no sport is that more apparent than football, the ultimate game of the haves and have nots. International football has not escaped the phenomenon with England plowing in money as if it is an endless resource while Ghana’s players insisted on cash only payments at the 2014 World Cup amid fears that they would not be paid otherwise. Wembley Stadium, world-leading salaries and a state-of-the-art football center do not come cheap and the money has to come from… Read more

Pack your bags: England joins other UK nations in ending free plastic bags with caveats


England has become the final part of the UK to introduce a charge for plastic carrier bags in a bid to slash the 7.6 billion handed out annually. However, several caveats and exemptions may stifle the scheme’s success compared to other parts of the UK. Although some retailers (such as M&S and the German discounters Aldi and Lidl) have already introduced plastic bag charges, the government has moved to employ a strategy used in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland which has reduced consumption of plastic bags dramatically. The 7.6 billion… Read more

Goodbye, (Alastair) Darling? What happens if Scotland says “Aye” to Independence?


As the referendum date draws closer (Thursday 18th September 2014), a shock narrowing in the polls has led to the establishment contemplating what was once considered unpalatable- the dissolution of the United Kingdom as Scotland seeks political independence. As the “Better Together” campaigns’ lead has gradually eroded, with a tight margin in favour of independence now, the economic ramifications of independence could be huge for both the remainder of the UK and Scotland. Both camps have published analyses of what would happen, with both attracting criticism. As the Better Together… Read more