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Elon Musk brand continues to grow: Heavy public profile and revolutionary products amplify Musk’s popularity


Elon Musk’s brand image has evolved strongly over the past two decades, and he is today one of the most recognizable and admired CEOs globally. Whilst some of the major companies he owns such as Tesla are still very small compared to their market competitors Musk’s popularity only seems to grow. This is primarily due to two major reasons. The first is that Musk’s companies are engaged in the manufacturing of products that do not only carry financial benefits to the owner, but also do the wider society some good, whether… Read more

Puerto Rico Reform: Doomed before Hurricane Maria even struck, but plans to bring back prosperity begin


On the evening of September 16 2017, Puerto Rico was struck by Hurricane Maria. With a huge economic downturn over the last decade and a $70bn debt bill from the US, this has added greatly to the Puerto Rico’s current problems. President Trump has spoken clearly about the debt problem and has shown little empathy to the US territory. The damaged infrastructure on the island has attracted  commercial interest from the likes of Google and Tesla, with companies like these speaking about plans to help  Puerto Rico reform. The Puerto… Read more

Tesla Model 3: Highly anticipated affordable vehicle, likely to see off competition


The enormous success and media interest that Tesla’s previous models have had and the influence and following of its charismatic engineer CEO, meant that the announcement of the new Model 3 in early April 2016 became very highly anticipated. Its Model S premium Sedan has been a triumph for the company with sales of the vehicle trumping sales of comparable sedans from the world’s great auto makers in many key markets. The next move for Tesla was to develop an affordable mass market vehicle which could make a significant impact… Read more