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Nigerian e-commerce market will lead economic growth: However companies are struggling in the current market environment


Nigeria is seen by many investors as a gateway to the African market: the country has the highest GDP in Africa. Investment has enabled the country to develop its digital market; improving internet services and accessibility has created opportunities for digital businesses. E-commerce has become one of the most lucrative online markets in Nigeria; the rate of internet usage and purchases has continuously increased over the years. The rising amount of online retail purchases has resulted in the e-commerce market in Nigeria reaching a value of $13bn within just ten… Read more

Brandless The Procter & Gamble for millennials


Brandless, a startup e-commerce consumer packaged goods company, wants to set a landing point for consumers who seek quality and transparency, and want to avoid brand loyalty and choice overload typical for the majority of grocery stores. By selling its products online in no-frills packaging, Brandless claims to save consumers up to 40% by eliminating hidden costs associated with marketing, branding, and advertising for a national brand. Through the principles of its business model, Brandless is creating a direct relationship with its consumers, which most CPG brands do not actually… Read more

East meets West. The battle for supremacy in India’s e-commerce market


While China and the US currently dominate in terms of e-commerce spending, India is one of the world’s fastest growing internet markets. It is also the fastest growing country in the Asia Pacific region in the retail e-commerce space. The rapid pace of growth of e-commerce in India creates a huge potential opportunity and attracts not only local players but foreign e-commerce giants, like Amazon and Alibaba. The largest local players, Flipcart and Snapdeal, initially seen as the dark horses in this race and attracting serious investment, are now losing… Read more