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Brandless The Procter & Gamble for millennials


Brandless, a startup e-commerce consumer packaged goods company, wants to set a landing point for consumers who seek quality and transparency, and want to avoid brand loyalty and choice overload typical for the majority of grocery stores. By selling its products online in no-frills packaging, Brandless claims to save consumers up to 40% by eliminating hidden costs associated with marketing, branding, and advertising for a national brand. Through the principles of its business model, Brandless is creating a direct relationship with its consumers, which most CPG brands do not actually… Read more

East meets West. The battle for supremacy in India’s e-commerce market


While China and the US currently dominate in terms of e-commerce spending, India is one of the world’s fastest growing internet markets. It is also the fastest growing country in the Asia Pacific region in the retail e-commerce space. The rapid pace of growth of e-commerce in India creates a huge potential opportunity and attracts not only local players but foreign e-commerce giants, like Amazon and Alibaba. The largest local players, Flipcart and Snapdeal, initially seen as the dark horses in this race and attracting serious investment, are now losing… Read more

Independent retailers and restaurants are small but growing organic food sellers


Sales of organic food through independent outlets rose by 6.9% in 2013 to a value of £513m (approximately $801m). Independent outlets include box schemes; farm, health and wholefood shops; farmers’ markets; and online purchases. Most independent retailers have seen strong growth: a Soil Association survey found that 75% grew, with three quarters of these retailers reporting sales growth of more than 10%. Only 6% experienced a decline in sales. Home delivery schemes have been doing particularly well: sales grew by 11% in 2013 to reach £193.6m (approximately $302.6m). Abel &… Read more

Russian e-commerce market presents significant business opportunities for those able to overcome its challenges


With 84.4 million internet users and 27 million online shoppers Russia is already the largest online community in Europe and growing rapidly. With a skyrocketing number of Internet users, but a still underdeveloped commercial environment, the opportunity to build a successful online selling business in Russia is huge. The biggest growth areas are mostly in the remote regions, where growth is 50% higher than in central cities. Even amid a slowing economy, the country’s online shopping kept increasing at a double digit rate in 2013, making it the fastest expanding… Read more

Alibaba: China’s answer to eBay and Amazon


Alibaba has grown from humble beginnings in 1999 to one of China’s largest e-commerce providers. An initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong stock exchange is rumored to happen before the end of 2013, with initial estimates valuing the offering at between $60-120bn. In terms of transaction volumes, the company easily surpasses both eBay and Amazon globally. The company shows no signs of slowing down, with acquisitions in social media and logistics announced in 2013, and even the possibility of expansion elsewhere. Alibaba began in 1999, and in 14… Read more