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AT&T and Time Warner looking to complement each other as part of merger deal


In October 2016, Time Warner and AT&T agreed to merge as part of a deal which would see AT&T paying $85.4bn for the merger to take place. The total transaction value would further take the deal up to $108.7bn adding in Time Warner’s debt. Despite the hefty cost, the merger deal makes perfect sense from a business point of view since through a merger with telecommunications giant AT&T, Time Warner is able to broadcast its globally recognized digital content to a much wider audience. AT&T meanwhile will be able to… Read more

Donald Trump: The Anti-Globalism Billionaire


Since revealing plans to run for President, billionaire businessman Donald Trump has expressed surprising anti-globalist sentiments. For a man who’s made his fortune running luxury resorts across the globe, it is initially surprising that he would claim to oppose trade blocs, a major driver of globalization and free trade. But perhaps Donald Trump is taking his new job seriously. The ex-businessman is now the most powerful person on the planet and that comes with certain responsibilities. The US people voted for a populist, radical alternative to the established political system… Read more