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Smart TV devices: TV dongle sales grow, Pay TV subscriptions decline


US Pay TV subscriptions have been in decline over recent years. With advancements in technology and the way some viewers changing the way they watch their favorite TV shows, it is observable that growth in the online streaming services industry presents an opportunity to those like Sky and BT. Additionally, companies like Amazon Video & Netflix reaping in the subscribers worldwide. This has meant a huge surge in popularity for Smart TV devices which host applications allowing them to project their streaming content on pretty much any modern TV. With… Read more

The Digital Age: A Hackers delight


Online storage is a huge leap forward in technology, allowing files to be accessed from anywhere without the need to send them via email. Files can be shared in a much simpler fashion and can be locked to ensure that any changes made are present in a single file as opposed to numerous versions of the file. This online system serves as a backup for companies and customers. A network of banking telecommunications (SWIFT) has been the target of numerous hacking and data leaks over recent years, serving to reduce… Read more

Educational Applications: The price of learning


The educational applications business is a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing yearly. Education is seen as a necessary part of life and has provided society with new ideas and has assisted in growth. The increased reach of internet and the technological boom has opened education back into the home to help make parents feel more included. This has reduced the strain on teachers and has helped teach children in the digital environment, along with traditional education, which will help accustom them growing digital trends. Increased hand-eye coordination and better… Read more