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Debenhams: The latest victim of the UK high street


Even though Debenhams has announced store closures under a proposed CVA, the retailer is far from being alone in experiencing high-street woes. Numerous retailers, including House of Fraser, New Look, Next, Arcadia, and Marks & Spencer have been facing increasing financial difficulty on the UK high-street, while others, such as Toys R Us, have exited the market altogether. Debenhams’ difficulties are the result of an often seen tale of too many stores, too much debt, and a failure to keep up with consumer trends. On top of the problems that… Read more

M&S and Debenhams: Online retail to continue its surge while retail outlets continue to close


The growing popularity of shopping via the internet, coupled with both the younger and older generations becoming increasingly tech-savvy, has led to a massive surge in shopping online A bit of rewording would be good so it reads better. – whether it be essentials such as food or clothes, all the way to smaller items. The convenience of doing so has meant that fewer sales have been achieved on the high street for major retailers, and sales revenue have transferred to online equivalents. After recent announcements from M&S and Debenhams… Read more